Keep your home safe with giant tree removal in Powhatan, Midlothian, Richmond, Chesterfield, VA & Powhatan County

Affordable Tree Removal Services

Tree removal can be a stressful, risky venture, especially giant tree removals. You can cost yourself a great deal of money if you don't hire the right professionals to do the job. Vauter Tree Service respects the faith our customers put in our abilities and we have the talent and equipment to offer safe, affordable tree removal services.

Damaged or dying trees, trees that have grown to hazardous proportions over time, or trees that simply no longer look quite right-we can remove them all. We have the versatility to manage large tree removal or projects that require tight space work like in small gated yards. Make sure to call us for dangerous tree removal in Powhatan, Midlothian, Richmond, Chesterfield, VA & Powhatan County.

We don't just uproot your tree and call it a day. We take the time and effort to remove both the tree and the root ball without any extensive damage to the soil of your yard. That way, your yard can fully recover its natural composition and retain its health.

Some reasons to remove your tree:

  • Safety: a tree with enough weight and density can come through your window or even your roof and endanger your family members and friends.
  • Beauty (or the lack thereof): your tree has seen the last of its best days-it's ugly and neither you nor your neighbors enjoy the sight of it.
  • Property Damage: those creeping roots can wind up rupturing your utility and/or plumbing lines. Don't risk the damage to your pipes.
  • Pests/Disease: a dying or diseased tree can attract rats, termites, and other pests. One problem leads to another!
  • Novelty: sometimes you just want a new view, a new look, or new feel for your yard.

We serve customers in the Powhatan, Midlothian, Richmond, Chesterfield, VA & Powhatan County areas. Call now to learn about our affordable tree removal services!

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Mary M

"Vauter Tree Service did an outstanding job with our tree disaster from the last storm. They had all the right equipment and was in and out in no time. We highly recommend them to anyone needing an outstanding tree service."